The Supreme Court has started hearing oral arguments this week on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.

Of course I’m hoping that the whole thing will be thrown out on constitutional grounds, particularly because, although Constitutional Law was not my favorite course in law school,  I still can’t figure out how the federal government can force us to buy anything.

In the event the Supremes uphold this disastrous law, I thought I’d attach this  flowchart just to show how complex this mess really is.  If just looking at this gives me a headache, I can only imagine what we have to look forward to when it actually goes into effect on January 1, 2014.  I’d bet big bucks that the fools who voted for this catastrophe didn’t read the bill nor did they anticipate its complexity.  I’ve already read several stories that amendments have had to have bee made in order to fix it.  And let’s not forget how many union members are exempt.

If you’re interested, the Wall Street Journal had an excellent op-ed piece in Monday’s edition entitled “Liberty and Obamacare.”  You can check it out here.