I’m going to go out on a limb right now and guess that if anyone of you walked into a doctor’s office and saw this woman in a white coat posing as a doctor you’d walk out as fast as you could and never look back.  Am I wrong?

Let me introduce you to 32-year old Oneal Ron Morris who is now facing charges in Broward County, Florida for illegally injecting toxic substances such as flat-tire sealant, glue, caulk and cement into her “patients” bottoms and closing the wounds with super glue.

Oneal (articles say he’s a man but identifies himself as a woman) poses as a doctor, wears a nurse’s uniform, gloves and an ID tag (wow, that’s all the credentials I’d ever need from my doctor) when he performs his enhancement procedures.

Now, let’s get past Oneal and look at his “patients.”

What kind of a society do we live in where women will go to such extremes for a big booty?  Why would anyone think this man is a doctor?  How desperate would you have to be to want your butt enhanced with automotive products?  I would’ve been out of there when he pulled out his tool box.

I do have one question for Oneal.  Do you accept Obamacare?




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