The other day on the radio, I heard what had to be the dumbest introduction of a story I’ve heard in a very long time.  The host said, “I’m sure you’ve all lied about seeing a movie you hadn’t seen in order to appear cultured; after the break, I’ll give you the name of the movie most people have lied about seeing.”

Having the patience of a nervous gnat, I wasn’t about to wait around for six commercials to find out, although the whole idea got my head spinning.  So, I did a quick google search and, sure enough, I found the article – “The 10 Films People Most Lie About Seeing:  What Classic Movie Have you Pretended to See?”

Well, first of all, I’ve never lied about seeing any movie.  Why would anyone do that?  It had to be the dumbest thing I heard …. that day.

If you’re at all interested, here’s the list:

1.  The Godfather (30 percent)

2.  Casablanca (13 percent)

3.  Taxi Driver (11 percent)

4.  2001:  A Space Odyssey (9 percent)

5.  Reservoir Dogs (8 percent)  (Till this day, I still can’t hear “Stuck in the Middle With You” without visualizing Michael Madsen.)

6.  This is Spinal Tap (7 percent)

7.  Apocalypse Now (6 percent)

8. Goodfellas (5 percent)

9.  Blade Runner (5 percent)

10. The Great Escape (4 percent)

If anyone is interested, I’ve seen The Godfather, Casablanca, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner numerous times.  I saw parts of This is Spinal Tap (not my kind of movie);  I didn’t relate to 2001: A Space Odyssey; saw Goodfellas but couldn’t tell you a thing about it other than who starred in it;  and I’m sure I saw The Great Escape years and years ago.

If anyone is ready to lie about something this stupid, I can only imagine what kind of lies they tell about something that really matters.