I can’t tell you how many dumb things I read every day.  The dumb stuff ranges from some new green technology that will never work, to some dumb criminal activity, to something a celebrity said.

Last week I heard about a “study” from the University of Minnesota which found that listening to rock music, even for just a few minutes, caused white students to favor their own race, thus labeling them “racist.”

Here’s how it went.  White students were asked to allocate money between different student groups.  Before they distributed their money, the students were isolated in a room with different kinds of music played for seven minutes.  After listening to the music, they were asked to allocate the money between student groups:  African American Studies, Rural and Agricultural Students, Arab American Studies and Latino American Studies.

According to the “study,” the students who listened to mainstream rock music gave the “white” ethnic group a majority of the funds (35%) and spread the rest around equally.  But students who listed to Fergie or Akon spread the wealth out equally.  If the students listed to “radical ‘white power’ rock, stuff like Bound for Glory (who I’ve never heard of), they were even more racist because they gave 40% of the funds to white student groups.

The whole thing sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

First of all, who’s funding this so-called “study.”  Probably the taxpayers.

Second, aren’t the people conducting the “study” homophobes because they didn’t allow the students to allocate the money to Gay and Lesbian Studies?

Third, whose money are they allocating to these groups?  Are they spreading around their own money or monies from a collective pot?

Lastly, if I had to participate in this “study” and they forced me to listen to rap music, I’d probably donate my own money to the “How to Blow Up Your Radio Studies” or “I Want to Stick Knitting Needles in My Ears Studies.”

But that’s just me.


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