According to Senator Tom Coburn, who opposes pork barrel spending on so many levels, the Department of Agriculture  announced a nearly $50,000 federal grant to a private potato chip company in New York. “According to the proposal, this money would be used to overhaul their media strategy and raise brand awareness and consumer knowledge — essentially encouraging people to buy and consume potato chips, he said, noting that potato chips sales in the United States exceed $6 billion annually.”

Coburn said that sales level “begs the question why the taxpayers are now asked to subsidize promotion and marketing for the industry.”

So, where is Michelle Obama on all this?  (Probably on another vacation.)  But, isn’t she the one that’s constantly talking about obesity and America’s diet?  Why isn’t she slamming the Department of Agriculture for doling out another $50,000 of taxpayer money for this nonsense?

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