There isn’t anything I like about Sandra Fluke or the story surrounding her.

Miss Fluke attends one of the country’s most prestigious law schools.  She should know that forcing a religious organization or, for that matter, any employer with a religious conscience to provide birth control, as well as abortifacients, to their employees is a First Amendment issue and not a “women’s issue.”  I’ll give her a pass if she hasn’t taken Constitutional Law but she still should know better.  Long before Miss Fluke came on the scene, the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz  had already taken contraception out of the constitutional realm and perverted it into a women’s rights issue.  Miss Fluke just popped up and began spewing the same rhetoric.

The mainstream media’s depiction of poor Miss Fluke as a “victim” in the whole Limbaugh controversy is outrageous.  The moment she walks out of law school, she can expect an offer of at least $160,000, the median private sector starting salary for a graduate from Georgetown.  Doesn’t sound much like a victim to me.

As someone who went to law school in the evening after a full day working as a legal secretary, because I couldn’t afford to go full-time, and as someone who paid every dime out of my own salary, because I wasn’t a trust fund baby nor did I have parents to put me through school nor did I ask the American taxpayer to front the money for me, I really resent the fact that Miss Fluke has the time to make her little speech in Congress and make numerous television appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN and probably a lot more since I last checked.

When I went to law school three nights a week, I could look forward to reading dozens and dozens of cases during my lunch hours and spending my weekends preparing for the next week’s classes.  I had to find the time to do the massive amount of reading and writing in preparation for school, work a 9-to-5 job, and take care of a home and husband – usually in that order.

How this woman finds the time and energy to traipse around the country, make her appearances, attend full-time law school, and still have time to engage in behavior which requires contraception, is beyond me.

There isn’t a question in my mind that she’s a shill for the left and its agenda.  Someone like her doesn’t get thrown into the limelight on her own without some powerful people doing the maneuvering.  It doesn’t surprise me that she’s now represented by the SKDKnickerbocker Agency, which has as one of its Managing Directors, Anita Dunn, who used to work in the White House.

But what bothers me the most is Miss Fluke’s contention that women should have “access” to contraception.  I’ve got news for Miss Fluke:  Women already have access to birth control.  No one’s taking their pills away from them.

What she really means by “access” is that someone else should pay for them.

I hear the word “access” more and more these days from the left.  I haven’t checked lately, but I’ve heard you can get a month’s supply of birth control pills at Walmart for about $9.

If someone can’t afford $9 a month, I have a few questions to ask of them.  How much did you pay for that cell phone you’re using?  How much is your monthly bill?  How big are your tv screens?  How much do you pay for satellite/cable every month?  How often do you go to Starbucks and order a $4.50 coffee?  Give up two days’ worth of coffee and you’ll be able to afford your own damn birth control pills!

Oh, and by the way, there are already free contraceptives available everywhere.  So what is Miss Fluke talking about?

Earlier in my career, my employers never provided health insurance nor did I carry it on my own.  But I paid for my own doctors’ appointments and every birth control pill myself. I never felt like a victim and I never expected anyone to pay for what I consider to be my personal responsibility.

When did a person’s choice to be sexually active become society’s responsibility to subsidize?  I find the whole thing absolutely outrageous that it is our responsibility, as taxpayers, to pay for things so that others may have “access” to them.  And you have to know that if the insurance companies are now going to have to provide free contraceptives, the premiums on everyone’s insurance will go up.

With the burgeoning demands of those with the entitlement mentality, expect to see more Sandra Fluke clones seeking “access” to just about everything – at our expense.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.




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