I’ve read plenty about Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion.  What I don’t get is the tirade, particularly from the left, about his “flip-flopping” on the issue.

Now, I can understand a conservative’s concern about a candidate’s position because, if you’re like me, abortion is a big issue.  But if, at some point, a candidate, whoever it is, was pro-choice and is now pro-life, I’m happy about it.  That’s exactly what I’d hoped for – someone who has changed his position and opted for life over abortion.

On the other hand, I really don’t get why the left goes on and on about Mitt Romney.  Just search for any article on the subject on the Huffington Post, for example, and read the vitriol coming from the readers about Mr. Romney.

First, of all, the left is NEVER going to vote for Mr. Romney so why do they care so much?

Second, and more important, would the ranting be so loud if Mr. Romney had been pro-life and then changed his position and became pro-choice?  I doubt it.