It’s astounding to me that some people think that way.  Heck, Media Matters exists just to pick apart every word, phrase, sentence that is uttered on Fox News.

First, let me say that I watch the O’Reilly Factor regularly.  I love Bill and I don’t get why anyone doesn’t like him.  Maybe he’s an acquired taste like Judge Judy.  (I want to be Judge Judy when I grow up.)  As far as I’m concerned, his reporting is truly fair and balanced.  For just about every topic discussed, he’s got a conservative and liberal discussing the issue.  I don’t see this type of reporting on CNN and definitely not on MSNBC.

Bret Beier’s hard news show is excellent.  Shepard Smith does straight reporting.  I watch CNN at the gym and everywhere else that has a video monitor because it’s the only news outlet carried at airports and other public places.  I read the Wall Street Journal and Seattle Times regularly and will check the Los Angeles Times and NY Times if I really have to for my research.

The other day, a very intelligent and thoughtful friend of mine forwarded an email – one of those that gets circulated over and over and over – stating that Fox News “reported” that Congressional members don’t have to repay student loans.  You may’ve received the same email.

My liberal friend who sent the story was gloating because snopes.com said the information reported by Fox News was false.  After doing my own checking, I found that, yes, indeed, the notion that Congressional members don’t have to repay student loans is false, but what snopes.com did not confirm is that Fox News did not “report” the story; the spontaneous statement came from a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, Dick Morris!  Fox News never “reported” the story and never disseminated the information afterwards.

During a conversation with another friend, she mentioned that Fox News makes up stuff.  Well, when I tried to find out what story Fox News made up, she couldn’t give me an example because she doesn’t watch Fox News.

When I first started my blog, another gal said that she and I probably won’t have too much in common because she didn’t like Glenn Beck.  (This was when Glenn Beck was on Fox News.)  I wasn’t a regular viewer of his show, but I responded to my friend and said I hoped she came to the conclusion she didn’t like Glenn Beck because she’d watched his show for a number of weeks and decided he wasn’t her cup of tea.  There was silence.

I recently read a comment on some article and the author prefaced it by saying, “excuse the source, but Fox News reported….”

I’m always amazed that some people, who’ve never watched a single program on Fox news, have such a negative opinion about it.  If you mention Fox News, they automatically assume the story must be false or biased or made up.

I’m not a shill for Fox News but I get a lot more bang for my buck when I watch its programming.   I’ve got lots going on in my life and I appreciate getting both sides of an issue in a concise straightforward way.

There’s no question in my mind that the lame stream media is the source of these mindless attacks on Fox News.  After all, Fox News is now celebrating ten consecutive years at the top of the cable news rankings.  The liberal media is losing viewers and revenue.  Fox News is flourishing and they hate it.

This one I get.



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