I understand that the Vice President and his family needs to have Secret Service protection.  I get it.  I have no problem with taxpayer money being use for the safety of our elected officials.  But I do have a problem when our money is being used to pay rent so that the Secret Service can remain close by.

That’s exactly what’s happening in Delaware.  Vice President Joe Biden charges the Secret Service (us) $2200 a month to rent a cottage next to his Delaware home so they can protect him and his family.

You’d think that the #2 guy in an administration that wants everyone to pay their fair share would help out a little bit by not charging the taxpayer an additional $2200 a month.

By the way, Secret Service agents apparently rented property from the Clintons in Chappaqua, N.Y., a decade ago — however, the Clintons reportedly declined to accept payment from the Secret Service at the time.