It’s seems as if every time I turn around, someone is doing something rude or selfish whether it’s talking loud on their cellphones, not holding a door open, or using crass language in public.

Graphic novelist, Marisa Acocella Marchetto wrote a piece for the WSJ this past weekend entitled “A Flight Attendant from Hell.”  After my husband and I read the story, we shook our heads and said, “she’s got to be kidding.”  Well, from the comments online, we’re not the only ones that think this woman is actually the “passenger from Hell.”

She and her mother were on a flight from Rome to New York and had a pre-existing condition which caused her to suffer from heartburn.  SHE forgot to bring her medication, Nexium, on the trip and SHE ate a spicy spaghetti dinner the night before the flight.

When she gets on the plane, she felt a pain underneath her rib cage and knew where it was going if she didn’t take care of it fast.  The flight attendant couldn’t give her anything but aspirin.  Ms. Marchetto wanted to call her doctor but the attendant said she would call the airline’s doctor.  After reporting her symptoms, the doctor on the phone concluded the passenger was having a heart attack.

Of course, Ms. Marchetto disagreed and said she had a stomach problem.   Her “patience had become as thin as the cabin air.”  By then the flight was over the Atlantic and half way home.  She closed her eyes and told her mother to wake her when they landed.  A few minutes later, the plane was re-routed to Shannon, Ireland where Ms. Marchetto was taken to the hospital and given an EKG.  The doctor concluded her heart was fine and handed her a Nexium.

Ms. Marchetto now has the audacity to complain about all this.  She’s managed in her own selfish mind to turn the whole situation around and blame the flight attendant for her own stupidity.

She’s the one with the pre-existing condition.  She’s the one who didn’t bring her medication on her trip.  She’s the one who ate a spicy meal the night before.

So, by being so incredibly thoughtless, she managed to inconvenience an entire airplane full of passengers and now has the nerve to write about the “flight attendant from Hell.”   Her article should have been an open letter to the airline and her fellow passengers apologizing for the inconvenience, time and expense she caused everyone.



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