“A ski museum in New Hampshire received an $86,000 federal grant
to create a new exhibit telling the story of skiing from the Stone Age
to present day.  The center collects and displays a wide variety of
items related to the history of skiing, including equipment, films,
photos, art, and clothing.  For example, visitors can view how skis have advanced over the years from the primitive wooden slats with leather toe-straps‖ to the earliest shaped skis of the 1990s.

The federal dollars will specifically go toward modifying the museum‘s permanent exhibition to expand interpretation of the history, geography, sociology, demography, and overall significance of skiing as a sport, economic engine, military strategy, and recreational activity.

The ski grant was one of 160 awarded by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services
through the ―Museums for America‖ program. Total spending on these grants was nearly
$18.8 million.

Okay, it took me exactly seven seconds to find all the information anyone would want to know about the history of skiing by simply googling “history of skis.”  http://www.aboutskischools.com/instruction/history.asp

Why does the government need to spend $86,000 of our hard-earned money on what I just accomplished in seven seconds?

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