According to Sen. Tom Coburn’s 2011 Wastebook, in 2010, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, a Pakistani arts organization, was awarded $20 million over the next four years to create 130 episodes of an indigenously produced Sesame Street.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided the first $10 million for the project in FY 2011.

The Pakistan Sesame Street would be produced in cooperation with Sesame Workshop, creators of the original Sesame Street.

According to news sources, the show will be renamed SimSim Humara and set in a lively village in Pakistan with a roadside tea and snacks stall, known as a dhaba, some fancy houses with overhanging balconies along with simple dwellings, and residents hanging out on their verandas.

According to First Book, books are not available to a lot of children who live in poverty in the United States.

  • 80 percent of the pre-schools and after school programs serving children in need do not have a single book for the children they serve.
  • In some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the country there is only one book available for every 300 children.

Do we really need to be spending $10 million on Pakistani children when we have so many children in this country in need?

The U.S. has allocated some $20 billion in security and economic aid to Pakistan since 2001, much of it in the form of reimbursements for assistance in fighting militants.

I think they should take a few of those bucks and help their own children.

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