Indiana State Representative Veneta Becker wants “performance standards” for the Star Spangled Banner.

My immediate reaction was, “yes, that’s a great idea.”  Too many bozos have massacred the song as far as I’m concerned.

But, immediately after I said, “yes,” I said to myself, doesn’t Rep. Becker have anything else to do?  Don’t the people in Indiana have more pressing concerns like the economy?  Was Rep. Becker elected to become the anthem police?

How will all this work anyway?  Will a “czar” be appointed to audition each and every singer at each and every event sponsored by a public school or state university in Indiana?

And who exactly will be conducting the auditions?  What if someone actually forgets the words; will they, too, be fined?

I can’t imagine anyone who actually thought Rosanne Barr did a good job?  But, I

also know that people love Christina Aguilera but I think she’s hideous, so whose opinion should count in the auditions?  Mine?  Or someone else’s?

The whole thing is far too subjective.

And then, as always, there’s my concern.  How much is this going to cost the taxpayers?