Anytime I read that something has been “greeted warmly” by environmentalists, I step back and reflect a moment.

I did so recently when I read an article that the government is spending $771,000 on a project to learn more about the status and presence of the endangered jaguar on our Southern border. The funding is coming from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

One of the desired results of the research is to learn how much impact the U.S.-Mexican border fence, illegal immigrants, and vehicles and equipments used to pursue immigrants has on the animal.

Sounds to me as if Homeland Security is more concerned about protecting jaguars at the expense of protecting our borders from illegal immigrants?

When I read that jaguars are able to fly planes into buildings, I’ll be a little bit more open to this idea.  What do jaguars have to do with the war on terrorism anyway — something I thought was the focus of Homeland Security?