Nearby Seattle definitely deserves to be highlighted this week in “I See Dumb People.”

Recently TAP America, a Seattle-based nonprofit, wanted to place ads on 45 Metro buses for the next four weeks.  The ads urged people to “Buy American” and “Shop Locally” and would have generated $8,000 for King County.

But the county officials, initially, refused to accept the offer because of, hold on to your seats, its policy against ads that express a viewpoint on “matters of public debate about political, religious or social issues.”  That’s the dumbest thing I heard all week and, apparently, it irked plenty of other people as well.

Finally, after it was slammed with public outrage, King County Metro Transit changed its mind and will allow the ads on buses.

Even though they had a change of heart, they were dumb to reject the ads in the first place.  Metro spokesperson, Linda Thielke, initially said, “The concept of ‘Buy American’ is an issue of both political and economic debate.'”  Is she kidding?

I guess in the politically correct climate in which we live, flying the American flag or encouraging people to “Buy American” is politically charged speech.  I just don’t get it.