Day after day I read stories about how people are scamming the government.  Here’s another example.

For the last eight years, a couple in nearby Seattle, Lyudmila Shimonova and her chiropractor husband David Silverstein, received $1200 in monthly public housing vouchers, state and federal welfare checks, state and federal disability checks and food stamps while living in a $1.2 million home on Lake Washington.

Only recently has their scam come to light.  They’re now being investigated for mail fraud, Social Security fraud and theft of government funds.   Let’s see if the government recoups any of our money.  I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’m not sure who or what’s more disgusting.  These two maggots, eating off of the government carcass, or the government itself for being so big it took eight years for someone to figure this all out.