People never cease to amaze me.  Day after day, I read something about some nut job going crazy over the most ridiculous things.

A guy was finally arrested after calling 911, not once, but five times, to complain that his iPhone wasn’t working properly.  Now that’s a real emergency.

Another moron in North Carolina caused over $2,000 worth of damage to a hotel room.  Why, you ask?  Because he ran out of toilet paper!

And then there’s the guy in Aurora, Colorado who went ballistic at a Best Buy because it didn’t have a copy of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”  Apparently, he pre-ordered the game and when he arrived after its midnight release, the store didn’t have a copy for him.   911 was called after he threatened to blow up the store and kill some employees.  From what I can tell, Call of Duty is the last thing this guy should be playing alone in his mother’s basement.

As my favorite character on MadTV, Miss Swan, used to say, these people should take a “chill pill.”