I really wasn’t sure whether to post this under yesterday’s I See Dumb People or here under Down the Drain.  But this week’s prize goes to the Department of Justice in either case.

The death penalty is legal in both Florida and Texas.  Notwithstanding that fact, this administration’s DOJ is anti-capital punishment and has given the Innocence Project of Texas its first federal grant, $250,000, to abolish the death penalty in the Lone Star State.

Similarly, the DOJ has given The Innocence Project of Florida $195,025 in 2009 and $297,000 in 2010.

Think that’s all?  Think again.

Any rational thinking person would think that the DOJ would enforce the laws of the United States relating to immigration and not support anything or anyone that would attempt to skirt those laws.  Well, not the Obama DOJ.  By pouring monies into anti-illegal immigration projects, the DOJ is actively working against the United States.

In September, the DOJ gave the Vera Institute of Justice almost $3 million for a “legal orientation program” for detained aliens.  In addition to significant funding from left wing sugar daddy, George Soros, the group received millions of dollars in federal contracts over the last several years.

The National Immigration Law Center dedicated to fighting the “draconian restrictions on immigrants’ rights” received $66,000 this year and $65,453 last spring.  The California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation received $44,000 which went to the group’s “Tenemos Derechos” (We have Rights) program for immigrant communities and will be applied to “education and enforcement of the antidiscrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationalization Act.”

So, in other words, the DOJ is supporting groups working against duly enacted laws on both the state and federal level.  How is this legal?