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I See Dumb People

Not only are there dumb people, but there are really dumb notions as far as I’m concerned.  How can “choosing life” be patently offensive?  Well, according to the NY DMV, it was to someone.  I couldn’t believe it when I read about this. After seven years, yes, seven years, a federal court in New York […]


Look, I’m no doctor.  But I’ve just learned of a new ailment that has to be the craziest thing that’s come along in a while.  I was listening to my radio when a commercial came on for a new remedy for folks suffering from, are you ready…. “Shift Work Disorder.”  This occurs when your body’s […]

Patriotic Hypocrites, uh, I Mean, Millionaires

A few weeks ago, a group of “patriotic” millionaires appeared before Congress in an attempt to get tax rates raised on the wealthy.  The Daily Caller interviewer gave them the opportunity to send additional money to the United States Treasury and, as you’ll see in the video, not one of them was willing to pay […]


The other day, my cousin sent me an article about the boom town of Williston, N.D.  Yes, North Dakota.  Thousands of men have arrived, without their families, to work for oil companies.  And, apparently, they’re getting paid very big bucks. As a result, two strip joints, Whispers and Heartbreakers, are doing phenomenal business but the […]

What’s Next? Computers? SmartPhones? Tablets? SatelliteTV?

There are many reasons why I don’t like the U.N., but here’s just one example.  The Human Rights Council determined that internet access, like food, shelter and healthcare, is a basic human right  that allows people to “exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression.” In response to this lunacy, the Obama administration is […]

Please Just Go Away

I really wish this woman would just go away, but it just doesn’t seem to happen.  Her uber-liberal constituents love her and keep voting her in. According to her recent statement, she’s hoping to get her Speaker of the House job back.  God help us. Even though she helped burden us with Obamacare, she’s still […]

How Greedy Can One Be?

“Greed, also known as avarice or covetousness, is the immoderate desire for earthly goods, as well as situations such as power. It is a sin of excess.” After reading a recent story about 56-year old Dr. Emma Poroger, I have to wonder, just how greedy can someone be? Here’s a New York doctor who wasn’t […]

Obama Down Under

Our President was recently in Australia and, apparently, was very excited to meet Governor-General Quentin Bryce.  At least he’s not bowing like he usually does.

Students Buy Grades

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Apparently, students in Florida were able to buy their grades.  All students had to do was staple the cash to the test or quiz they wanted their math teacher Jeff Spires to amend, according to the news report.  His money-making scam came to light in October and he finally resigned […]

Down the Drain – A Prediction

The money hasn’t yet circled the bowl, but I’m predicting it will. I just read about yet another investment made by the Obama Administration two years ago, thanks to the American taxpayer, for yet another “green” idea. I guess we didn’t spend enough on Solyndra. Henrik Fisker got $529,000 in government loan guarantees to start […]