I recently wrote an article entitled “Delay Execution, But Not Abortion” and posted it on Twitter.  Here’s an “exchange of ideas” which took place on Twitter just this past week.  Unlike me and Jeff who use our real names, the “someone who obviously doesn’t agree with me” doesn’t give his or her name on Twitter.  (And for those you aren’t familiar with Twitter, you’re allowed only 140 characters to say something so there’s lots of shorthand.)

ME:  “Delay Execution, But Not Abortion” My thoughts abt #TroyDavis & his defenders vs. rights of the unborn. http://bit.ly/aqxTel #tcot #prolife

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  What does execution (murder of a person) have to so with abortion (removal of a zygote that is not a person)? What?

JEFF (Someone who agreed with me):  That is ur opinion. Not mine and definitely not God’s. Bible is my authority n all matters of faith &practice

ME:  I agree with you Jeff. Life begins at conception.

ME:  Article was abt delays in executions but those who won’t support laws which provide abortion waiting periods.

ME:  I’m guessing most abortions occur way past the zygote stage.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  A zygotic lump of tissue is not a person, regardless of how much you pray to your make-believe gods for it to be one.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  You’ve no epistemological principles. A ‘holy book’ & old men in costumes aren’t argument or evidence.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  No gods exist. Thinkers exist. A consensus among persons (developed adults, see? You lame fuck) who think refutes you

JEFF:  WoW u wld think with all the knowledge u have u cld come up w/better name calling than that. So much 4that 😉

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  Thanks for the flattery? But you silly old god fanatics, if you haven’t overcome indoctrination by now,you never will

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  You creep, go terrorize some more women like the coward you are.

ME:  Be sure to thank your mother every day for being #prolife. Enjoy your life.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  You sick hag. Talking about people’s mothers like you know them? You will never achieve your theocratic nonsense in the USA.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  I ask you, in return, to thank YOUR mother, but you’re old and there is no afterlife, so that cannot logically occur EVER.

ME (I just couldn’t help myself):  I wish I knew your name so I could pray for you.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME:  The ragged thing wants to know my name? Choose a name from history. Choose from the millions murdered by your execrable faith

I write opinion articles.  They’re just that.  My opinions.  That’s why they’re called “I Don’t Get It.”  I expect people not to agree with me.  That’s ok.  If you really don’t like my opinions, and you can find the time within your busy schedule running law practices in Washington and California as I do, then write your own blog.  What I really don’t get is why the personal attack on my age?

My simple opinion reduced this coward on Twitter, who hides behind his “witty” little moniker, to a 6-year old schoolyard bully.  It reminded me of an attorney I was up against who was losing terribly and  resorted to saying, when the case was recessed until after the Thanksgiving holiday, “see you Monday, tubby.”

I get all the left-wing input I need from the news media, magazines, tv shows and newspapers.  I look to Twitter for some refreshing right of center ideas.  I follow about 800 conservative people and I have about the same number of people who follow me.  I read dozens and dozens of tweets every day and I can’t remember one single incident in the last year when I’ve seen this kind of language and exchange by a fellow conservative.

But for someone who obviously doesn’t agree with me who identified himself/herself as a liberal atheist, I would’ve expected broad-mindedness, enlightenment and tolerance – after all, isn’t that what Roget suggests in his description of a liberal?

I’m not saying this guy or gal is typical of all liberal atheists.  I know a few and they live far better moral lives than some church-going religious people I know.  But this type of vitriol is very common.  Every time I turn around, I’m labeled as a racist, homophobe, idiot, and, now, old sick hag for the policies and beliefs to which I subscribe.  Generally, none of it bothers me, but I draw the line when I’m called a “hag”!

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.



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