I thought I’d seen it all when the Bratz dolls, which look like little hookers, were the rage.  I have no idea whether they’re still popular but I thought they were awful, really ugly and in very poor taste.

But now we’ve got Tattoo Barbie with some serious ink.  Mattel says the new Barbie is for the “adult doll collector.”

I know. I know.  “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.”  Well, that’s true, of course, but I really don’t see why we even need these on the toy shelves for little girls to see?

Is Tattoo Barbie a really good role model for children?  I always thought Barbie was supposed to be doctors or lawyers?

I personally have never understood why women have tattoos.  I think they’re fine on the arms of sailors and soldiers.  I especially don’t get why so many tattoos are on parts of the body that only I can see.  For example, why do so many people have tattoos on their lower back?  Their necks?  The backs of their legs?  They can’t see them, but I can!

The new Barbie may be a reflection of our society, but I just don’t get it.