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I See Dumb People

A Texas woman is suing Continental Airlines for mental trauma she claims she sustained because of turbulence. Yep, Colleen O’Neal claims that while on a flight from College Station, Texas, to Houston, in October 2009, the plane encountered extreme turbulence that caused her to fear for her life. She claims to have experienced post-traumatic stress […]


I think Gordon Ramsay is great.  For those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s a world-class chef, entrepreneur, Michelin Star restaurant owner and the star of several reality tv shows, my favorite being Kitchen Nightmares. When restaurants are failing miserably, Ramsay is called to save the day.  He speaks with the owners, managers and employees, […]

When Did the Flag Become Disruptive?

So, when did our flag become disruptive?  Well, according to the Olive Garden restaurant, it’s disrupting the dining experience.  Well, who exactly is dining at the Olive Garden in Anniston, Alabama anyway?  Al Queda? When 80-year old Marti Warren of Anniston said she wasn’t allowed to bring an American flag into the Olive Garden for […]

Down the Drain

I guess there must be a lot of  kookaloonies in Brooklyn, because one particular Kings County Hospital psychiatrist is having to put in a whole lot of overtime! Before giving you the facts, my niece is a nurse practitioner in an extremely busy neonatal intensive care unit.  She works twelve hour shifts and is exhausted […]

I See Dumb People

I have to say, this was a great story.  Last month, two guys decided to burgle someone’s barn and stole 50 CDs they thought were blank.  It turns out, they were wrong. Seems like they got far more than they bargained for when they stole the CDs.  After viewing some of them, these two fledgling […]


Remember back in 2008, when 84,000 people gathered at Invesco Field to hear then candidate Obama give his nominating acceptance speech.  Apparently, another 40 million people watched it on tv – I was not one of them, by the way.  But back then, everyone waited with bated breath for the Messiah to speak.  It seems […]

Have We Gone Bonkers?

Northern California school teacher, Steve Cuckovich, thinks it’s disrespectful and disruptive for a student to say “Bless You” when another student sneezes.  He went so far as to knock 25 points off of a student’s grade for saying it in class.  When the parents complained, he stopped the practice, but still won’t allow “Bless You” […]


I recently wrote an article entitled “Delay Execution, But Not Abortion” and posted it on Twitter.  Here’s an “exchange of ideas” which took place on Twitter just this past week.  Unlike me and Jeff who use our real names, the “someone who obviously doesn’t agree with me” doesn’t give his or her name on Twitter.  […]

Down the Drain

My selection for today is our President, Barack Obama, for his continuing attempt to cure all the ills in America by spending more of OUR money. Kudos to Citizens Against Government Waste who, on September 19th, issued a statement criticizing the President’s deficit reduction plan in which he “pledged to veto any plan that lowers […]

Occupy Wall Street Protestor

The video speaks for itself.  But note the liberal intolerance – I write about my recent experience with a self-described “liberal atheist” on Friday.  Please come back and check it out.