A few stories in the news piqued my interest this week.

One was the story of the eventual death of a 2-year old toddler who, a week earlier, was run over by not one, but two vans in China and left in the street to die while 18 bystanders rode or walked by before someone finally stopped and picked her up.  There were cameras in the street that recorded the whole incident.

In the story following her death, questions were raised about the decline in morality in China and whether the lack of Good Samaritan laws, insulating those who help others, was the cause for this bizarre behavior.  Apparently, a few years back, someone helped an old lady who had fallen and she went on to accuse the neighborly guy of knocking her down.

Whatever the reason, the indifference to the plight of a 2-year old child lying in the street after being hit by two vans is beyond understanding.

Was it indifference?  I can’t name one thing I’m indifferent about.  I’m passionately in favor of something or similarly opposed to it.  I think my husband is a bit of a flatliner because, except for his family and friends, he’s usually indifferent about most things.  Unlike me, he chooses very carefully how to expend his energy.  But, when we saw the initial reports of this, I’ll call it was it is, murder, even my husband was appalled at the lack of compassion.

I guess sociologists and psychologists would have a field day trying to figure out what happened on that street in Foshan, China.  For me, I’m actually not surprised.  Knowing about China’s demonic forced abortion, sterilization and one-child policies, I’m surprised this little girl was even born and survived to be 2 years old.  When a country places no value on human life, what can you expect from her citizens?

The second story involved a Zanesville zoo whose owner committed suicide after opening the cages of dozens of animals, allowing Bengal tigers, lions, bears and monkeys to get loose and terrorize the citizens of the small town in Ohio.  I read that most of the animals had to be killed.

Just a few days before, the always clueless Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat from Texas, made some controversial statements on the floor of the House in opposition to the Protect Life Act (which, thankfully, passed the House despite her no vote).  She referred to a fetus’ heartbeats as “sounds” and referred to abortion as a “necessary action.”

I was appalled by her statements.  Only a couple of weeks ago, a young woman joyfully showed me the ultrasound picture of the twins she’s carrying and even told me the number of their heartbeats.  Never once during our conversation did she refer to those heartbeats as “sounds” nor did she refer to her babies as “fetuses.”

At the time of the zoo catastrophe, many people were horrified that most of the animals had to be killed.  I read a couple of tweets from two celebrities, guitarist, Slash, and Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba (something I probably shouldn’t do but I get a news feed from E! Online which keeps me current on the lives and happenings of mostly useless people).

Slash wrote, “I get the situation, but there’s no way it was totally necessary to exterminate 49 loose exotic animals in Ohio.”  Carrie Ann Inaba wrote, “So upset about what happened in OHIO!!! I think they could have tried a little harder to save the animals. It wasn’t their fault. :(“ and later wrote, “Still so sad about all the loss of life today…”

I checked back on their twitter accounts to the 13th of October when Jackson Lee made her vile comments and neither Slash nor Carrie Ann Inaba had anything to say about those remarks.

I’m sure someone will write and say they – Slash and Inaba – didn’t even know about Jackson Lee’s comments.  Well, they’re probably right but I think the Act, which passed by a bipartisan vote of 251-172 to amend Obamacare to include protections against federal tax funding of abortion and strengthened conscience rights for health care providers, is a teensy bit more important than animals roaming loose in the Ohio countryside.  But that’s just me.

I’m not going to hold my breath, but I think it would be refreshing if just once, a celebrity wrote, “There’s no way it was totally necessary to exterminate 54 million babies since 1973” or “still so sad about all the loss of life today” after reading that there were over 1,500 abortions performed today.  But like I said, I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.






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