I don’t play video games.

But, apparently, video games are on a “whole ‘nother level” from scrabble, free cell or bubble shooter, games I play in my “spare” time.  Vibration in game controllers is now the norm.   Such a controller can give a range of feedback from low rumbles to short, sharp violent movement.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for gamers.  A research group in Japan is aiming to develop a system which will make it possible to stimulate the sensation of an object passing through your hand or other part of your body if you’re wearing the right equipment.  Translation:  It will let you experience how it feels to be shot!

When I read these stories, I love reading the comments.  One person wrote:  “I can’t think …. that experiencing the pain of being shot or stabbed is a compelling reason to buy this device.  It kinda takes the fun of a game, out of the game.  However, when they mimic sex – they will make a bundle.”

Well, we’ll ll see if this is actually developed.  I don’t doubt that there will be some who’ll buy it because it’s the latest thing but I’ll bet there will be those who’ll get addicted to it as well.