Northern California school teacher, Steve Cuckovich, thinks it’s disrespectful and disruptive for a student to say “Bless You” when another student sneezes.  He went so far as to knock 25 points off of a student’s grade for saying it in class.  When the parents complained, he stopped the practice, but still won’t allow “Bless You” in his classroom and says he’ll find another way to “discipline” the students for using the phrase.

Disciplining a student for saying “Bless You”?  Have we gone completely nuckin’ futz in this country?  Black students can use the “N” word as much as they like, the “F” word is common place in schools and everywhere else it seems.  And this numb nut is going to “discipline” his students for extending a common courtesy to a fellow student?

Cuckovich says the policy has nothing to do with religion, but says the phrase is just an outdated practice and disrupts class time.   Disrupts class time?  Is anyone buying his explanation?

And what about the little 12-year old girl in a small town in Nebraska who was banned from wearing a cross necklace because it looks too much like  a rosary which, according to school administrators, is used by gang members.  The local Catholic diocese has condemned the decision and says administrators should be smart enough to tell which students are at risk for gang activity.  The diocese said it would be easy enough to figure out whether this sixth-grader was really in a gang.

The report says there are gangs using rosaries in Arizona, Oregon and Texas.  Last time I looked at a map, Nebraska was no where near those states.  What are these guys in Nebraska thinking?