President Obama promised to bring this country together after the policies of the Bush administration divided the country so deeply.  Obama promised to be the President of all people.

That was before he was elected.  More than two and a half years later, the country remains divided.  President Obama and his new campaign to create a war between the so-called haves and have nots is, unfortunately, aimed at creating an even greater divide.

His repeated attempts to demonize hard working people and singling out people making $200,000 annually and couples who make $250,000 are evidence of his warmongering.

While I was watching the recent Republican debate, the public was asked on to vote on who they considered to be rich.  The options were $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million income.

Thirteen percent of those polled thought someone was rich with a $100K income.  Well, maybe $100K a year might seem like a lot, but did anyone think about what that person had to do to earn such a salary?  The majority thought $1 million income meant someone was rich.

Did those polled consider the fact that earning $100,000 provides a very different standard of living if you’re in New York City as opposed to living in Mountain, Arkansas?

How exactly did someone come to earning that salary?  Did he achieve it because he set a goal for himself, went to college, persevered and accomplished what he set out to do and earned a worthwhile degree?  Does he have student loans to pay back?

What’s his lifestyle like?  How many people are being supported by the income?  Does he have children?  Do they go to public or private school?  Does someone in the family have serious medical problems requiring an in-home caretaker?  Does he live in an apartment or own a home with all the additional expenses that goes along with it?

These kinds of questions are never asked.  Focusing, as Obama does, on one single factor in a person’s life – one’s income – can’t and shouldn’t determine whether someone is rich.  It’s wrong on so many levels.  Despite Obama’s belief, one size does not fit all.

Getting back to Obama’s plan to raise taxes on people earning $200,000 and couples earning $250,000, how many of those people are running small businesses and actually employing people?  My husband and I run a law practice in Washington and California and you wouldn’t believe the amount of overhead we have from computers, printers, copiers, fax machine, telephones, supplies library, insurance, and the expenses go on and on, and let’s not forget, of course, the taxes.

What’s really outrageous, but not surprising, is that Obama waited until now to reveal his latest plan to fix the economy by raising taxes in order to create jobs.  No one with any sense believes raising taxes is a good thing nor do I believe the government creates jobs – but Obama does.  He also knows the House will never pass this bill so he’s doing it with the obvious intention of making the Republicans look bad and will blame them for not passing his miracle cure for all that ails America.

He could’ve passed anything he wanted with the Democrat-controlled Congress, but nooooo, he wasted months getting Obamacare passed while ignoring the economy.  Instead, we’ll be hearing from now until Election Day what horrible demonic racists the Republicans are for not helping him create jobs.

Unfortunately, he may succeed.  You just have to read the comments after any article about the President’s new plan and you’ll find a whole lot of Obamabots chanting his mantra, “tax the rich, the rich don’t pay their fair share.”

Personally, I don’t ever count anyone else’s money.  There’ll always be those who earn more than I do, and I say, God bless them.  I’m sure they work hard, did what was necessary to get ahead, and should not be penalized for or feel ashamed of their accomplishments.  Obama and his policies, on the other hand, punish people for doing well.  If they’re not punishing success, they’re sure as hell taking away the incentive to be prosperous.

It’ll never happen, but if Mr. Obama asked me for my definition of “rich,” I’d tell him the following.  If someone  stopped working today and lived off of the income from their own assets and investments for the rest of their lives – without government handouts – and maintained the exact same lifestyle they had while they worked, they’re doing very well.  But honestly, I don’t know anyone in that position.

This country has always rewarded those who took advantage of our education system, worked hard, and advanced themselves personally and professionally.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have forgotten how success is achieved.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

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