There are SO many reasons why I don’t go to politically-correct San Francisco.  Every time I read about new legislation from the City Council or the city’s tolerance of bums and drugs, it makes my head spin.

Well, I just learned for the first time that nudism is actually legal in San Francisco.  Just one more thing that will keep me away from this cesspool.  The policy is in the news recently because  San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener has proposed legislation that would require nudists to cover any public seat before sitting down and cover themselves when in restaurants.

Am I the only one who finds the policy and the proposed legislation disgusting?  And what about the children who live in or visit SF?  Can anyone imagine taking their child or grandchild to SF and seeing some guy walking down the street naked.  Some how I don’t think women are doing this – but I could be wrong.   According to the article, the “cover your butt” legislation stems from the “yuck factor.”  They got that one right.