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Down the Drain

New York was recently awarded a grant of $73,824 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be used to encourage bed and breakfast operators to use locally produced food and agricultural products. I haven’t been able to find the exact number of B&Bs in NY state but I’m guessing it’s in the hundreds.  The project […]

I See Dumb People

While not yet the law, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously last week to ban the sale of fur apparel within city limits. Ed Buck, lead organizer of Fur Free West Hollywood, said “we declared in 1989 that West Hollywood was an animal-cruelty-free zone.  And I think it’s very clear, we had a unanimous […]


President Obama promised to bring this country together after the policies of the Bush administration divided the country so deeply.  Obama promised to be the President of all people. That was before he was elected.  More than two and a half years later, the country remains divided.  President Obama and his new campaign to create […]

Those Stealthy Little Bearded Bast@#%&

For a change, I thought I’d post something that should put a smile on your face.  Chuck Woolery of Love Connection fame, has been making PSA-style videos mocking liberal tax ideas.  This is one of his latest – taxing the Amish 153%  Listen carefully to Al Sharpton, who has his own show on MSNBC, and […]


A couple of stories caught my eye this week.  One was about those whacky, naked kids over at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), protesting in Seattle against fishing because fish are intelligent, sensitive animals that feel stress and pain when they are hooked or hauled up in nets. On a more somber […]

I Still Don’t Get It

A few days ago, I wrote about these two American hikers expected to be released from an Iranian prison. Well, today, they were released after a $1 million ransom, uh, I mean, bail was paid. Instead of being grateful to the State Department, one of these numbnuts had to slam this country by saying that […]

Down the Drain

Members of Congress aren’t the only ones that can’t balance a budget.   No matter what level of government, money just burns holes in the pockets of public officials.  They just can’t help themselves. Case in point.  Andrea Merida, one of seven on Denver’s School Board.  As a member, she’s charged with overseeing a budget of […]

I See Dumb People

Here’s Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley at the American Islamic College Conference in Chicago over the weekend.  Like a true liberal, he rambled on and on about racism and discrimination in this country and then finally said (around the 2:15 mark in this video),  “I think it’s appropriate for me to apologize on behalf of this […]


We’ve become a nation of whiners and complainers and willing to sue just about anyone because we’re too fat, too thin, too short, too tall.  That’s why we have so many labels warning us of the obvious.  Can anyone tell me why they would lick a computer circuit board even if they didn’t know it […]

What Was She Thinking?

I don’t generally comment on events, political or otherwise, in other countries because there’s far too many things in America I don’t get.  Just last week I warned against committing crimes outside the U.S. lest you subject yourself to the laws of another country. When it comes to children, I find it impossible to heed […]