I find it very difficult to separate a man from his opinions.  If I don’t like an actor’s political views, I won’t spend one dime on a movie if I know it will end up in his or her pocket.  For example, I never watched Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior because of Janeane Garofalo and her ridiculous insulting comments.  Because I didn’t vote for President Obama, she called me a racist.  I’ve never seen a Woody Allen movie ever since I heard of his involvement with his stepdaughter.  That’s why singers should shut up and sing and actors should shut up and act.

And I don’t see or rent Sean Penn movies because I think he’s an idiot.

Now comes Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, who recently called Sean Penn a “loser” because of his views of Mr. Guillen’s Venezuela.  Mr. Penn, on more than one occasion, has tauted the achievements of President Hugo Chavez and Mr. Guillen takes issue with his comments.   He wonders where Mr. Penn was taken when he visited Venezuela and challenges him to actually live there for two years before he makes any more stupid remarks.  He also suggests that if Mr. Penn thinks Venezuela is so wonderful, why doesn’t he live there.

I don’t know anything about baseball but I’m a huge fan of Ozzie!