Should we encourage young children to become entrepreneurs and save their money for something they really want?  Nooooooo, according to Midway, Georgia and Appleton, Wisconsin authorities.

Instead of inspiring young people to set goals and do what’s necessary to achieve those goals, authorities in Georgia shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls trying to save up for a trip to a water park because they needed a business license, peddler’s permit and food permit even on residential properly which cost $50 a day.

Further north in Wisconsin, similar action was taken when some young girls wanted to sell lemonade and cookies.  They too were banned because of an ordinance which prevent “vendors” from selling products within a two-block radius of local events.  One mother who had 20+ jars of lemonade in her refrigerator, had to give the lemonade away free.   The event that was threatened by these little girls – a car show a block away from one girl’s home.  Here’s the quote from local Alderman Peter Stueck:

“It’s certainly not that Appleton is against little girls setting up their cookie and lemonade stands.  But the overall intent of the ordinance was to protect the vendors at these events.  To get a little bit of security to the vendors who were at the events.”

Clearly, Appleton is against these little girls or they wouldn’t have come up with this ridiculous law.