Anyone who’s read anything I’ve written will know that I’m not a feminist.  I believe in equal pay for equal work – and that’s about all I agree with when it comes to feminism.  I firmly believe there are major differences between men and women and I certainly don’t wish to be treated like a man.

Recently, researchers from the feminist “Society for the Psychology of Women” have determined that there are “many acts of unnoticed sexism taking place every day through acts or comments that suggested women could not cope without men’s help.”

Some of these acts include helping a women choose the right computer, calling a group of both men and women “guys” and offering to do the driving on a long distance journey.  Telling a women you can’t live without her is also sexist.

Are these people nuts?  My husband carries the groceries in from the car.  My husband  opens the car door for me.  It isn’t because I can’t carry groceries or open a car door – it’s his way of showing me respect.  He recently held a door open for a women who responded, “thank you, I don’t see that very often these days.”  Unbelievable.