I’ve often wondered how the national debt crises could be explained as an average family budget.  Well, the numbers out of Washington are so huge, there’s no way to understand them in practical terms.  So I looked to Dave Ramsey for the answer.  I like Dave Ramsey.  He’s a common sense kind of guy and he explains it all.  Here’s the U.S. budget if it were a family budget:

A family makes $58,000 a year but spends $75,000.  It also has $327,000 in credit card debt and spends$10,000 year on interest on the credit card debt.

The family decides to cut spending, so decide to only spend $72,000 even though they’re still only making $58,000.

I honestly believe my 7-year old grand niece would understand this.  Why don’t the bozos in Washington?