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I See Dumb People

Anyone who’s read anything I’ve written will know that I’m not a feminist.  I believe in equal pay for equal work – and that’s about all I agree with when it comes to feminism.  I firmly believe there are major differences between men and women and I certainly don’t wish to be treated like a […]


Yes, that’s right.  I’m 60 years old today and need to change my blog’s sub-heading and eliminate the word “almost” to read “the musings of a 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” I figured such an occasion deserved an article so here I am – stuck, looking at my […]

More Political Correctness

Elmhurst College, outside of Chicago is, apparently, the first to ask prospective students about their sexual orientation.  The questions are optional but why ask in the first place? Because students who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community may be eligible for “enrichment scholarships.” According to Elmhurst’s website, enrichment scholarships are those that have […]

Is It Any Wonder?

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think, “why do these people have jobs?”  I’m talking about our elected officials in Congress.  How they get elected with absolutely NO experience in matters they’ll be dealing with is a mystery to me.  It would be like me applying for a job as an x-ray technician. […]

It Was Unpatriotic When GWB Did It, But When Obama Does It……

I hope the Republican Presidential candidate will use this videoclip over and over and over next year.

Down the Drain

Well, those crazy kids over at the National Institutes of Health are at it again. They want to encourage people to take an online survey about their understanding of “biomedical HIV prevention research,” so they’re mailing out two $1 dollar bills to thousands of Americans.  This is costing us, the taxpayers, $336,666 annually and the […]

I See Dumb People

So, Abercrombie & Fitch apparently doesn’t like the fact that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from “Jersey Shore” is wearing its clothing.  A&F has offered him money NOT to wear its clothing. According to A&F, he’s not all-American enough.  It apparently doesn’t like the image he or Jersey Shore has despite the fact that only last […]


So, I woke up the other morning and checked my email to find one from Bank of America advising me that there’s been suspicious activity on my account and to click here or call there.  My first reaction, “here we go again.”  Well, I don’t automatically start clicking around unless I know it’s a legitimate […]

LA Commissioner Claims Split Personality Made Him Do It

Los Angeles Commissioner Albert Abrams got caught with hundreds of images of child pornography on his computer.  He claims he has a tumor on his spine which caused him to have a split personality.  What seems suspect to me is that his so-called diagnosis came four days after the FBI confiscated his computer.  Listen to […]


Well, I guess campaigning around in a big black bus in the Midwest for three days isn’t Mr. Obama’s idea of a vacation because he’s just arrived at Martha’s Vineyard for a “real” vacation. The fact that probably millions of Americans don’t have the means to go on vacation doesn’t seem to bother the President. […]