….you should think about Virginia Ironside, a British television pundit who stunned pro-life advocates around the world when she went on television and said that any “good mother” would smother a deeply suffering child with a pillow because of the frustration bringing up such a child would pose.  She said, “If a baby’s going to be born severely disabled or totally unwanted, surely an abortion is the act of a loving mother.”

It doesn’t sound very loving to me.  A young pregnant woman I know had genetic testing done to determine whether her unborn baby had any problems.  She didn’t do it so she could abort her baby if there were problems, but, rather, to alert everyone – her family and friends – ahead of time that the baby would have problems so everyone would be prepared.  Her view was that if the baby was born with Down Syndrome, for example, God knew she and her husband were capable of taking care of the baby.  Now that’s a loving mother.

The idea that someone could decide that another person is suffering too much and that it’s their duty to end that person’s life is terrifying.  Sounds like inconvenience and frustration are now the criteria for murder – either before or after birth.  Euthanasia, in the guise of “death with dignity,” and “assisted suicide” laws, as in my state of Washington, is just part of this continuum.  Where “survival of the fittest” works in the animal kingdom, abortion and euthanasia are the means to insure “survival of the fittest” in what we call civilized society.

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