I’m not sure who is dumber, the child-molesting teacher or her lawyer.

Ann Knopf pleaded guilty in October 2008 for having sex with a 13-year old in her home while her family members slept.   She was civilly sued by the boy and his father for sexual assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.  With help from her lawyer, John P. Runde, Ms. Knopf filed a counterclaim against the boy’s father and a third-party complaint against his mother for contributing to his injuries because they failed to cut off his email access.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin Court of Appeal wasn’t buying this nonsense.  “We will not follow down the rabbit hole and open the door for a child molester to sue the victim’s parents for their failure to lock their child away or for their ineffectiveness in trying to stop the child from being sexually abuse.”

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