The Economic Development Administration was created in 1965 to promote economic competitiveness and create jobs.  In reality, it’s basically a slush-fund for the well connected.

In April, it gave a $2 million grant to build a “culinary amphitheater,” wine tasting room and gift shop at the Port of Benton and the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center in Richland, WA.   That same month, it gave another $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands.  Another $1 million was spent on an innovation conference center in Arkansas to promote “cultural enrichment.”

Why should the people in Arkansas pay for wine tasting herein Washington?  Likewise, why am I interested in the cultural enrichment of Arkansas?  And does anyone really care about tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands?  Heck, I actually had to look up where these Islands were!

Sounds like a whole lot of special interests were taken care earlier this year at OUR expense.