With my liberal U.S. Representative Jay Inslee running for Governor of the state of Washington, it shouldn’t surprise me that uber-liberal Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has already visited the island and is making yet another visit to Seattle to scope out his opportunities.

Apparently, his district may be eliminated by re-districting and he has to find a new home.

I guess my question is where is his loyalty to Ohioans?  He’s been their Congressman since 1997.  I don’t know much about re-districting, but shouldn’t he be able to find another district that will like his liberal ideas?

If he chooses to move here, I have no doubt that the liberal islanders will welcome him and he’ll win by a landslide.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t move here, what will he do?  According to wikipedia (which I admit is not the greatest resource out there), he was Mayor of Cleveland in the 70s and then disappeared in the 80s, until he showed up on Shirley MacLaine’s doorstep where he lived for three years.  In 1982, he had a reported income of $38.

I guess the Congressman is going to have to find a new Congressional seat pretty soon or else he’ll have to find a real job.