I usually limit my raves and rants to political, cultural and social issues in America but when I read about the Canadian couple who wants their baby, named “Storm,” to remain genderless, I knew I had to say something.

When I first read the story, I immediately said to myself, “are these people nuts?”  I’d never heard of such a thing but, I guess, a couple of years ago, a couple in Sweden had a child they named “Pop,” and they, too, decided to raise their child genderless.

Storm is 4 months old and only the parents, midwives, a close friend and the couple’s two sons, named Kio and Jazz, know Storm’s sex.  Their motivation in doing this is “a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a standup to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime.”  I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I find it cruel for these parents (are they called “mother” and “father” or “parent1” and “parent2” by their two sons?) to visit their bizarre progressive social engineering experiment on their child.

You have to wonder why parents would choose such a ridiculous issue which will, no doubt, have an enormous impact on their child when there are so many other pressing issues like too much television, lack of proper schools, and bullying to name just a few.  Instead, the parents believe they are giving their children the freedom to choose who they want to be, unconstrained by societal pressures.  In other words, they’re leaving it up to Storm to decide whether he or she wants to be a he or a she, without regard to genitalia or thousands of years of social norms.

Children are not blank slates.  It’s a shame these numbskulls choose to ignore scientific and biological truths.

I remember in my trial days when I would have to “qualify” a child to testify.  I had to show that the child understands the difference between a truth and a lie.  Well, in my business, many times children couldn’t tell me whether a crayon was red or blue, whether I was holding up a pen or pencil, or how old they were.  But one thing never failed.  If a little girl was on the stand, I would ask, “If I said you were a boy, would that be true or false?”  On more than one occasion, the little girl would say, “that’s a lie, I’m a girl!”

The grandparents apparently are not in on the secret.  So, what pronoun do the parents use when not using the name, “Storm”?  What do they plan to do when they start potting training Storm?  Will this charade continue until the child’s hormones start kicking in?  When the child is old enough to use a public toilet, which one will it be?  Doesn’t the Canadian health care system need to know whether Storm is a boy or girl?

Their cross-dressing son, Jazz, who has been allowed to choose his own clothing, is already getting pressure from peers and adults to adjust his image of wearing pigtails and pink dresses.  Apparently, he was old enough to attend school last year but chose to stay home because of the reaction of children and adults to his attire and hairstyle.

I like one of the comments I read, “Experiment on your own damn time, not your child’s life. They are too young to give meaningful consent … A child is not a tool you utilize for social change…”

I’d love to hear from one mental health professional who thinks this is a good idea.  In the meantime, instead of neutralizing this child’s gender, the parents should be neutered.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.


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