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Why Does She Have a Job?

As you know, I’d rather set myself on fire than watch an entire episode of The View, but I saw this clip yesterday of Joy Behar saying, “how do we know the photo isn’t of Andrew Breitbart?”  — even after Anthony Weiner acknowledged the photo was of him.  I really don’t get why his woman […]


“It’s his private life; it has nothing to do with being President.”  This was the mantra my liberal friends chanted when President Clinton was involved with Monica Lewinsky in our House – the White House. The choice to engage in risky behavior is a reflection on one’s character, on one’s ability to make decisions. My […]


I usually limit my raves and rants to political, cultural and social issues in America but when I read about the Canadian couple who wants their baby, named “Storm,” to remain genderless, I knew I had to say something. When I first read the story, I immediately said to myself, “are these people nuts?”  I’d […]