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I See Dumb People

Back in 2008, a teacher, Wendy Portillo, was suspended from Morningside Elementary School, in St. Lucie County, Florida, after she held a vote in her kindergarten class which allowed the students to decide whether to kick little 5-year old Alex, out of the class.  Alex, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, had been referred twice […]


            Summer of 2011.  Gas prices are high.  Unemployment is at record levels.  Consumer confidence is low and the threat of inflation is just around the corner.  While millions of regular folks are battling their own economic problems, canceling vacation plans and unable to get away even for a weekend, […]

Would you buy a $5 Raffle Ticket to have Dinner with the President?

According to a news report, in return for a $5 donation to his reelection campaign, President Barack Obama is offering supporters a chance to participate in a raffle to win a “casual” dinner with him at an unstated location. Would you buy one?

Down the Drain

              I guess our politicians are not so concerned about the shortage of jobs in this country.  What they’re more concerned with is the shortage of poetry.  Yes, I’m sure the children in six states won’t bother looking at the chimpanzees and polar bears in their zoos and will, […]

I See Dumb People

In May, a judge sentenced 25-year old gang member, Anthony Garcia, to 65 years in prison to life for killing a gang rival.  The murder occurred on January 23, 2004, in Los Angeles, but the case quickly went cold until a sheriff’s homicide investigator saw a photo of Garcia in 2008. The moron had the […]


While “Bush Derangement Syndrome” has subsided in the psyche of the left since the President left office, Palin Derangement Syndrome has risen.  As the presidential election of 2012 looms, even though no one knows whether Mrs. Palin plans to run, I would venture to say that the left is now suffering much worse with, what […]

FLAG DAY – JUNE 14TH, 2011

A simple reminder, during National Flag Week, that our flag represents our Nation, unlike any other place on earth, and its ideals of freedom, liberty and justice.   May God bless America!


Anyone who’s ever read my posts knows how much I hate government waste.  The only thing I hate more than the government hemorrhaging money is the lack of oversight and accountability to the taxpayers. I work for my husband so I don’t have to drug test.  But think of how many millions of workers have […]

Election Day 2012

Only 1 YEAR, 4 MONTHS, 25 DAYS to Election Day 2012!

Is She For Real?

Kim Kardashian is calling dibs on children’s names starting with the letter “K.”  I’m wondering if she agreed to marry Kris Humphries because his name started with the letter “K.”