…..consider Jennifer Petkov, who garnered worldwide attention last year when she admitted to, what I considered, torturing the family of 7-year old Kathleen Edward, a child dying from Huntington’s disease, a disease which claimed her mother’s life.   Mrs. Petkov posted disturbing photos of Kathleen on Facebook and her husband parked a coffin on the street in front of the child’s home.

She was finally arrested when she attempted to hit someone with her car when they came to visit Kathleen.   She claimed all this was done because of her “feud” with the child’s caretaker/grandmother.

My question is “in what reality does someone live where it’s ok to do these things to any child – dying or otherwise – because of some neighborhood dispute?  Mrs. Petkov was hoping everyone would just move on.

In February, she pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery relating to the car incident and was given eighteen months of probation and required to move from the neighborhood.

Please view the video of Mrs. Petkov being interviewed and the vitriolic garbage spewing from her mouth. What kind of a person, who is in fact a mother herself, wages such an assault on a family who has and will continue to suffer such loss? My answer — an evil one.

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