Anyone who’s ever read my posts knows how much I hate government waste.  The only thing I hate more than the government hemorrhaging money is the lack of oversight and accountability to the taxpayers.

I work for my husband so I don’t have to drug test.  But think of how many millions of workers have to drug test in order to keep their jobs, pay taxes, take care of their families and watch as the government pays out welfare benefits to those who don’t work but are using drugs.  How does that make any sense?

Requiring drug testing in exchange for government assistance is nothing new.  More than half the states in this country are considering legislation which will require some type of oversight to insure that taxpayer dollars are not funding someone’s drug habit.

So, when I read that Florida Governor Rick Scott signed legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening, I said, “yes!”  I think this is a great idea.

Unfortunately, the recipient would be responsible for the cost of screening.  If they test clean, they’ll recoup the money if they qualify.  Those who fail the test could designate someone else to receive the benefits on behalf of the children.  But, really, how many drug-free people, legitimately in need, have the money for the drug test in the first place?  That’s the glitch.

As I’ve written before and most recently in “Who’s Rich? Who’s Poor?”, if we’re taking the care of the less fortunate in society out of the hands of families, friends and communities and placing it in the hands of the government, when will recipients be accountable to the government, and, more specifically, to their fellow Americans who actually foot the bill for all these entitlements?

Not surprising, the Democrats have already lined up screaming that the Florida bill is “downright unconstitutional” and “represents an extreme and illegal invasion of personal privacy.”  And between the time I wrote this article and posted it, the ACLU has already filed a lawsuit.

As a taxpayer, and as someone who’s seen plenty of people scam the system by manipulating their drug screens to show up negative or by selling their food stamps, bus passes, and just about any other type of government assistance, in exchange for money to buy drugs, I’d really like to see some oversight and accountability.  Bottom line:  Drug abusers shouldn’t be allowed to live off our tax dollars.  I’m not sure if the Florida legislation is legal or will solve the problem.  But I sure like it.

I don’t get government handouts without accountability.  But if you do, God bless you.


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