Not content with attacking Christmas and changing the name of our decorated trees to “holiday trees” along with a whole lot of other stuff associated with Christmas, the PC loons are at it again – but this time they’re after – hold on to your seats – Easter eggs! I’m not joking.

While Easter is a major Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the holiday is also secular. Springtime is the time when we see lots of chocolate Easter bunnies, jelly beans, and, of course, children decorating Easter eggs.

Manufacturers such as Peeps, Dove, Cadbury and Hershey’s sell Easter favorites of their candies. Coloring kits, grass and baskets are marketed as items used to decorate and display Easter eggs.

While researching this article, I discovered that the egg was a pagan symbol and later adopted by Christians to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Growing up as a Roman Catholic, I’d never heard about such a connection and after asking several adults, they hadn’t either. All thought the Easter egg was secular, not religious. But that won’t stop the PC loons here in Seattle….

When a 16-year old from a private high school decided to volunteer in a third grade class at a public school as part of her community service project during Spring break, she suggested to the teacher that she’d like to fill little plastic eggs with treats and jelly beans and other candies and give them out to the children. She got the teacher’s approval but only if she called the treats “Spring spheres.”

Well, the high school volunteer went along with it, but when she took the little eggs out of her bag to distribute them to the third graders, the teacher said, “Oh, look, Spring spheres” and all the kids replied, “Wow, Easter eggs!”

First of all, the children are obviously way smarter than their teacher. Not only did the children recognize the eggs for what they were, the teacher wasn’t smart enough to realize that eggs are not spheres but naturally occurring ovoids. But what’s next? Will the food police join with the PC twits and require the volunteer to put quinoa into the eggs instead of candy?

Apparently, the Seattle elementary school isn’t the only government agency eliminating “Easter.” The city’s parks department has removed “Easter” from all of its advertised egg hunts.

What exactly are the PC zealots afraid of? What’s so offensive about an Easter egg? Are they concerned about cholesterol or are they trying to make something really non-religious into something religious so they can do away with the holiday altogether? What amazes me is that someone actually comes up with this nonsense. I don’t have the time or energy; heck, I barely have time to read about it and type a few words.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the school district had multiple meetings and staffings in order to come up with this policy to save the children from the dangers of perceived religious indoctrination in the guise of Easter eggs. What’s next, the extermination of the dreaded Easter bunny? Why focus on education when there are far more important issues like eliminating the Easter egg?

Neighboring Seattle might be the PC capital of the U.S. this week, but the Easter bunny better watch out if next year the annual celebration is changed to the “2012 White House Spring Sphere Roll.” It’s only a matter of time when his time is up.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here quietly, eating my Dove dark chocolate Easter egg while contemplating the fate of Easter Island….

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you, and, oh, Happy Easter!