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There was a time when I heard the word “green” and I’d think immediately of grass, trees, St. Patrick’s Day and candies I usually didn’t like. Now, when I hear the word “green,” I immediately cringe. I cringe because I’m sure that the reference to “green” is going to refer to some new-fangled idea which […]

Should Donald Trump Take Credit?

Link: Should Donald Trump Take Credit? Do you think Donald Trump should take credit for President Obama releasing his birth certificate?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I don’t get how millions of immigrants can cross our borders illegally and can live in this country without any fear of prosecution for breaking our laws, yet it’s taken my dentist’s mother-in-law SIX YEARS to get her green card and her husband is still waiting for his back in Russia.  This just isn’t right.


  Unless you’ve never had a job in your life, I’m sure you’ve experienced a totally incompetent person being rewarded with an undeserved promotion. In my own career, I’ve seen completely clueless social workers rise to become supervisors. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it happens – far too many times. We’ve seen elected […]

Some Things Just Aren’t Funny

Link: Some Things Just Aren’t Funny Kudos to Steven Crowder for standing up and speaking out against the recent vicious attacks on Sarah Palin’s son, Trig.


Not content with attacking Christmas and changing the name of our decorated trees to “holiday trees” along with a whole lot of other stuff associated with Christmas, the PC loons are at it again – but this time they’re after – hold on to your seats – Easter eggs! I’m not joking. While Easter is […]

The Guys On Capitol Hill Don’t Want To Be Reminded

Link: The Guys On Capitol Hill Don’t Want To Be Reminded Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) last week introduced a resolution that would place a clock measuring the U.S. debt in the House chamber as a “visual gesture” that reminds members of the need to reduce spending. Members of both chambers and both parties have ignored […]

What a Frightening Statistic…

Link: What a Frightening Statistic… This is just more of the same I wrote about in “Feed a Dog, Starve a Human” – the total disregard and failure to protect the innocent.

Raising Taxes Just Isn’t Going To Get Us Out of This Mess

Link: Raising Taxes Just Isn’t Going To Get Us Out of This Mess The left’s mantra:  The Rich Don’t Pay Enough!  Raise Taxes On the Millionaires!  Raise Taxes on the Wealthy!  Well, this latest article shows that a 100% tax on those earning $500,000 would not significantly solve the deficit problem.

When Isn’t the Constitution Important?

Link: When Isn’t the Constitution Important? Don’t confuse this Democrat by bringing up the Constitution.  Here we have Linda Sanchez’s sister, Loretta, also a Democratic Congresswoman from California, making fun of Tea Party members of Congress.  Remember when Rush Limbaugh feigned a Chinese accent?  Will we hear the same outcry against Miss Sanchez? I doubt […]