One of my readers, David Walker, wrote me the following: 

With all this Trump stuff in the news…there are two things I don’t get!

First, I’m not a birth’er per se…meaning I don’t waste a lot of time
and energy running around that circle. What I don’t get is what is the big deal for President Obama? It’s a simple birth certificate that records basic info about your birth. I have one and I just turned 60…yes my daughter, they issued birth certificates “way” back then!  I pulled mine out the other day and looked at it…proud of it…simply documents my birth! So I really don’t get it…it’s like he wants the conflict to exist and continue…even fan the flames! You would think he would take advantage of the position to say to his critics…”You folks have so many mis-perceptions of me. Here it is, pretty simple, now can we move on to more important issues concerning the American people?”

Next for me are his school records.  He truly has a once in a lifetime
opportunity as the first black President to motivate and, yes, save
generations of our youth. How powerful it would be to say to the youth
everywhere, not just our country, everywhere; and to minorities that
you can be what ever you dream or want to be! Look at me…a black
man…who was determined to work hard, study hard, get my
education…here is what I did, I’m proud of it!  My road was not
easy, but my determination and focus never wavered…look, these are
the badges I earned…I proudly wear them! I stand before you today as
President of the United States…where do you want to go with your life?
Why wallow in the mud, when you can influence so much? I don’t get it!

I responded:

First of all, I, too, will be turning 60 in August and I, too, have my
birth certificate. 

I agree with you.  I’m not a birther either but I think Obama doesn’t produce his birth certificate because the hoopla surrounding it works in his favor. As long as the controversy remains, birthers look like conspiracy nuts.  How could anyone have known at the time of his birth that he would become President of the United States?  My position has always been that there are real problems with
Obama and it’s not necessary to make up reasons to dislike his leadership.

What do you think?