I live on an island of about 23,000 people.  Most people are well-educated.  Income and home values here are higher than in the rest of the state. 

In the past couple of months, there has been a rash of burglaries in my neighborhood, probably perpetrated by the same person, according to our local police.  Every one of the burglaries – there have been eight so far – occurred because people left their doors unlocked while they were sleeping.  The police reported the burglar looked through a window, saw a wallet or something else valuable sitting on the table, walked right in, took it and left.  (The burglaries were all “easy access” crimes most likely for quick money for drugs.) 

Bottom line from the police:  use common sense.    

In 2011, common sense dictates that one should lock their doors when they go to sleep.  The island isn’t the same as it was when we moved here 15 years ago.

I thought about this while watching the “O’Reilly Factor,” when Bill showed a clip of a round table discussion on CNN which included elite snob, Washington Post columnist, Richard Cohen, who had the audacity to say, “how much time do we have left to talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is?”

First of all, I hope the host, Fareed Zakaria, sent a dozen roses to Bill O’Reilly because up until the time Bill aired the clip for his millions of viewers, probably only about 59 people had actually seen the original broadcast. 

Getting back to the comment.  By whose barometer, exactly, is Sarah Palin considered “stupid”?  By Richard Cohen’s?  First of all, I’d bet he wouldn’t survive one day in Alaska’s wilderness, but I’d bet big bucks Sarah Palin would.  Smugness wouldn’t help Cohen in the wild, that’s for sure.

So, by whose standard are we to measure someone’s “stupid” factor?  Is it measured by the books they read, the movies they watch, their circle of friends, the plays they attend, the music they listen to, their alma mater, their vocabulary, the newspapers and magazines they read?  These seem to be the criteria used by the intellectual elites. 

How about considering one’s “common sense” and how well they solve problems?  How about looking at one’s actual accomplishments? 

It seems to escape many of these supercilious fools that Sarah Palin was elected as Governor of the State of Alaska – no easy task.  Another fact that seems to evade the liberal media’s talking heads is that, in the 2008 Presidential election, she was the only candidate who actually had executive skills, a trait I believe is necessary for the Presidency.  Instead, our choices were Senators Obama, Biden and McCain. 

Howsoever this snob came to his conclusion about Palin, is calling her “stupid” the best argument a so-called “intellectual” can make.  Instead of analyzing Palin’s ideas, referencing where she’s wrong and debating those differences, Cohen was reduced to nothing more than a kid in a schoolyard who can’t win a fight so ends up saying to the other kid, “your mother wears combat boots.” 

This brings to mind my courtroom days.  I was prosecuting a child abuse case and things were going my way during the trial.  In other words, I was having a good day in court.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and we were recessing until Monday.  Well, I guess defense counsel knew things weren’t looking good for his client so he said to me as he walked out of the courtroom, “See you on Monday, tubby!”  That was his best shot.

Well, I’ve never been a size 2 stick woman.  But instead of going home, licking his wounds, honing up on his trial skills, and coming up with a proper defense, I apparently reduced him to a sniveling little 3rd grader who couldn’t come up with anything other than calling his opponent “tubby.”  I went home and hid under the blankets the whole weekend.  Not. 

This kind of immature behavior occurs more and more in the media.  Day after day, smug liberals try to convince the rest of us how “stupid” conservatives are.  Unfortunately for them, most of America isn’t buying it. 

I guess liberals hate the message so much that they’re left dumbfounded and all they can do is personally attack those with whom they disagree rather than address the issues.  They despise the fact that so many Americans – those who live in between NYC and SF – lead conservative lives (whether or not they identify themselves as such). 

Evidenced by the recent election, the majority of people have rejected Obama’s liberal agenda.  That’s left the liberals knowing they’ve lost the battle for the hearts and minds of America reducing them to sniffling little crybabies spewing sophomoric barbs at their opponents. 

When Cohen called Palin “stupid,” I never heard a word from NOW or any other feminist group.  That’s because they never come to the aid of a Sarah Palin or a Michelle Bachman because, even though they’re women, they’re not liberal women, and, therefore, they don’t count.  That’s the hypocrisy of so many feminists.  They’ll only support a woman if that woman adopts their ideas.  If you don’t, you’re on your own, sister! 

Sarah Palin’s message resonates with so many people because what she says makes sense.  That’s what drives liberals insane. 

For me, I’d rather have a common sense politician who can balance a checkbook rather than one who tries to convince me that by spending money, I’m actually saving money.  If I want to hear that type of drivel, I’ll turn on the home shopping channels. 

As Emerson wrote, “Common sense is as rare as genius.”  Those words were never truer than in today’s political arena.

In this case, I get it but the intelligentsia does not. 

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