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There’s a lot about the left in this country I just don’t get. One of the things the left insists upon, which I really don’t get, is the obsession with “political correctness.” You’re not allowed to say anything if it will offend, or potentially offend, any other human being. You can’t fly a flag on […]


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy new year celebration.  I wish each of you a very healthy and prosperous 2013!  I spent Christmas with my wonderful family in Denver but returned home with a very bad head cold that’s kept me from doing any writing for the past […]

Do We Really Need More Distractions While We Drive?

It makes me absolutely crazy when I see people combing their hair, putting on make-up, talking on their phones, texting, reading or eating while they’re driving.  As far as I’m concerned, when you’re driving that’s all you should be doing.  I don’t care how ambidextrous you are or if you’re a Mario Andretti clone.  It’s […]


By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor, who was verbally attacked by a pack of feral teenagers.  This story reminds me of a Stephen King story about mutant kids who believe anyone over 18 should die. Growing up, if I or anyone in my school had done something […]

Happy New Year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your emails, support and encouragement over the last year. I hope 2012 brings you hours and hours of good times with your family and friends. I hope you find love when you need it the most and excitement over the simple things in […]

Fisker Automobile Recall

I recently wrote a short piece about the Fisker automobile – being backed by our government’s $529,000 loan guarantees – in Down the Drain – A Prediction.  Well, it looks like there’s already a problem with this $103,000 luxury car.  All 239 cars have been recalled because of a potential fire hazard. There are recalls […]


You’re not going to believe this, and I really don’t believe it myself, but I’m going to defend those yo-yos on “Jersey Shore” – well sort of.  Just this week, I read that the “stars” of Jersey Shore are heading to the shores of Italy to start filming their next season.  Well, the Italians are […]

Greta Van Susteren Shreds Publicity-Seeking Gloria Allred

You’ve probably heard about the smear campaign in California against Meg Whitman by her housekeeper, who, by the way, was paid $23 per hour. Gloria Allred, publicity monger that she is, tries to defend herself and her client to Greta van Susteren.  She doesn’t have a chance up against Greta!

President Bush Welcomes Troops Home 8-11-10

Link: President Bush Welcomes Troops Home 8-11-10 Get ready to smile and cry! 

Islamic Center Backers Won’t Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran

Link: Islamic Center Backers Won’t Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does!