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I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but I have to say that nearby Seattle is a really screwy place.  I’m very happy not to live in King County. In 2011, the city approved the “Leaves of Remembrance project” which allowed for bronze leaves to be installed on the sidewalks with the names of homeless […]

Rewarding Incompetence

A year after a major financial scandal hit Seattle involving the Seattle Public Schools, two top officials canned have landed lucrative jobs elsewhere. Former Superintendent, Maria Goodloe-Johnson, is now the top academic officer for the Education Achievement System in Detroit and former Chief Financial Officer, Don Kennedy, moved across country to Connecticut who is temporarily […]

I See Dumb People

Nearby Seattle definitely deserves to be highlighted this week in “I See Dumb People.” Recently TAP America, a Seattle-based nonprofit, wanted to place ads on 45 Metro buses for the next four weeks.  The ads urged people to “Buy American” and “Shop Locally” and would have generated $8,000 for King County. But the county officials, […]