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Once again, the Supreme Court failed to exercise “judicial restraint” and opted to actively legislate from the bench by deciding that homosexuals have a “right” to marry in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. Five unelected lawyers decided to do away with our democratic process and power of our legislatures and redefine the word “marriage” […]

Bruce Jenner Gender Change Captures US Attention – Really???

The other day when I turned on my computer and loaded my Yahoo page, it read, in bold letters: “Bruce Jenner Gender Change Captures US Attention.” Capture (v.) 1. to take captive; seize or catch by force or craft. 2. to win possession or control of, as in a contest. 3. to succeed in preserving […]

Bacon is Now Offensive

This is a perfect example of how political correctness has run amok in this country.  One person is “offended” by something, so the rest of us – who are in the vast majority – have to cowtow to that one person.   We see it everyday in other situations where a small minority of people, such […]