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  The sun hadn’t set December 14th, and the left was already screaming for gun control.  It seems that every time a tragedy hits, the left’s knee-jerk reaction is more gun control.  I often wonder how these people function in the world without having any common sense – they haven’t yet figured out you can’t […]


By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor, who was verbally attacked by a pack of feral teenagers.  This story reminds me of a Stephen King story about mutant kids who believe anyone over 18 should die. Growing up, if I or anyone in my school had done something […]


I’m not sure how prison sentences are determined but there must be some consideration that, in the scheme of things, there is a hierarchy of evil.  For example, certain crimes warrant the death penalty because of “special circumstances.” Former Mayor of Chicago, Rob Blagoyevich, recently got sentenced to 14 years for trying to sell President […]

In Case You Don’t Believe in Evil

In early 2004, two men, Antonio Dejesus Idelfonso and Eliseo Marcelino-Quintero were driving past a woman on a Nashville street when she collapsed.  They immediately stopped their pick up truck to see if they had hit her. They found Tracey Owen, a 32-year old pregnant woman, lying on the road crying for help.  Idelfonso told […]

If You Think Evil Doesn’t Exist….

….you should think about Virginia Ironside, a British television pundit who stunned pro-life advocates around the world when she went on television and said that any “good mother” would smother a deeply suffering child with a pillow because of the frustration bringing up such a child would pose.  She said, “If a baby’s going to […]

In Case Anyone Doesn’t Believe in Evil…..

            …..consider Jennifer Petkov, who garnered worldwide attention last year when she admitted to, what I considered, torturing the family of 7-year old Kathleen Edward, a child dying from Huntington’s disease, a disease which claimed her mother’s life.   Mrs. Petkov posted disturbing photos of Kathleen on Facebook and her husband […]


I recently read a very interesting book entitled, “The Rite,” written by an Italian journalist who accompanied a modern-day exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas, during his training in Rome. (I haven’t seen the movie.) In the book, one of the parishioners asks the priest not to discuss evil spirits and demonic possession during his sermon because […]